[Design and Technology] training secondary design and technology teachers

Mike Brown mb.brown at ballarat.edu.au
Wed Oct 17 11:48:02 EST 2007

Dear Secondary Technology Teachers,

I am a teacher educator at the University of Ballarat.  My job is to
train secondary technology teachers.  At this time of the year we often
get phoned up and asked if we have any graduates interested in applying
for a particular position in a particular school or area.  The short
answer is yes we do have new graduates looking for jobs.  Though most
seem to get offered jobs when they are doing their teaching placement

Anyway, as of next year we are offering a new Bachelor of Technology
Education degree program. This program has two streams. one is for
students who have a trade background and industrial exprience.  These
students receive credits and end up doing a two and a half year program.
 The other stream is for students coming in having completed year 12. 
These students do a four year program. 

So, if you are a secondary Year 12 technology teacher and you have any
really good students who you think have the potential to be a good
technology teacher, could you suggest that they give us a ring at the
University of Ballarat School of Education (ask to speak to Sally 03 53
27 9729 or myself 03 53 27 9736).  We can assist with further
information about the course and assist with the application process. 

In addition, our university has a scheme where if a student is living
and studying in a regional or rural area, then they can apply for an
early offer for a spot in any of our courses through REEP (Regional
Educational Entry Program), my understanding is that these offers occur
independently of the VTAC allocations.  



Mike Brown

Dr Mike Brown
Researching Adult and Vocational Education Team
03 53 27 9736
mb.brown at ballarat.edu.au
School of Education
University of Ballarat
Mt Helen Campus
PO Box 663
VIC 3353 

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