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Dear Liz 

I have the contact details of a lady who tailor makes dressmaking
models. In 2004, when I got a quote from her they were about $650.00
each. They are beautifully made. We couldn't afford them on our budget
but I have one at home I collected from somewhere many years ago. If
quality is an important factor and you can afford them, this maybe the
way to go. 

Subi Dressmaker models - Annabelle Cass  11 Willlam st, Hawthorn Ph 9815
2070  0439 867 123


The other place to try for the traditional dress makers models is RJ
Harveys, Tailor's supplies. Again when I was doing my research a couple
of years ago their traditional mannequins were about $ 450.00. I'm not
sure if they are still in business but try 37 Swanston st  Nicholas
buildings Ph 9654 7047. 


In the end of purchased some shop display models which are styled like
the old fashioned tailors models but not as good from Display designs
175 Gertrude street Fitzroy ph. 9417 5000. Ask for a catalogue. 


I also purchased two this year from Sewparts 'the Lady Valet', Victoria
Parade Collingwood. 9417 3131. They are similar to the above ones from
Display designs and I prefer them. They can be slightly adjusted and
cost about $300. They are better quality than those multiple adjustable
Dianna dress models but not as good as the good old solid traditional


Hope this helps. Let us know what you uncover. I would love to know. 


Regards gabriella (verstraeten)



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Hi All,

I'm in the money to purchase some dress making mannequins.

Any good ideas apart from the usual sewing shops.

Cost and quality an important factor.



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