[Design and Technology] Fw: ISS - I'll call to follow up with you and in regard to the letter sent 15th May 2007.

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Subject: ISS - I'll call to follow up with you and in regard to the letter sent 15th May 2007.

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Good morning,

I am delighted on behalf of ISS Institute to sponsor free places - please see below. I just wanted to make sure this got to you and your colleagues and for you to have the opportunity to attend the workshop.

Marc Krusin's Fellowship is one of ten sponsored by the Victorian Government, OTTE to bring design capabilities (skills/knowledge/insights) into TAFE and industry.

Teaching staff across industries and occupations in disciplines related to design are invited to register whether it is in landscape, furniture, architecture, interior design to wood, metal, ceramic, plastic or glass product.

If you have any queries at all, please contact me on 9882 0055.

Carolynne Bourne

Good news!
Free places
are being sponsored
by ISS Institute to eight
lecturers or teachers
in Workshop 1 and 2.

Places will be sponsored on
a first-come-first serve basis
on Registrations received
at the ISS office.

Special Spaces Workshop
Create objects inspired from Australia's
natural environment for special living/
working places. Inspired by Nature
with Marc Krusin, Milan
ISS Institute/Victorian Government (Design) Fellow
The workshop is time out for you personally and in your work with students - to refresh, reinvigorate, to inspire you plus give you information and skills that may open new opportunities ... that is why we have not defined a product, only a theme and a choice of worthwhile organisations to focus your ideas - the end product may be planned to be made in glass, stone, metal, textiles, timber or plastic, or a combination.

In previous workshops with other overseas designers/artists, participants have spent much of the workshop making the prototype, this workshop concentrates on taking time to further develop your creativity, innovative approaches, refresh you and explore ideas then bring them to fruition to the final model stage.

Marc will be here to share his experiences in working for design firms such as Alessi to designing his own products under his own brand - and all in Milan with the wealth of information and experience of working in that environment that he is going to share with you.

Marc is not Italian, so how has he been able to live and work in Milan as a practicising designer?
How does the Design Industry work there?
What do you have to do to get through the 'door'?
What are the underpinning education/training pathways for designers?
Why is market research, trend forecasting... so important?
... plus bring your own questions with you.

ISS Institute will also be providing notes concerning issues and options relating to designs, patents, trade marks and copyright prepared by James Samargis, Barrister, specialising in Intellectual Property Law. James is also a registered Patent Attorney and has had extensive experience in both litigious and nonlitigious work covering all facets of intellectual property: patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, unfair trade practices, unfair advertising and licensing matters. He has a keen interest in the design process, from artistic conceptualization to its final form.

The cost of the workshop is comparative to buying a new jacket and pair of jeans and will last you a lifetime not only a season.

We already have people from disciplines such as architecture and interior design and your field of interest will certainly enrich the experience for yourself and others.

Should you wish to reconsider attending in light of the above considerations, we look forward to welcoming you and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 9882 0055.

Carolynne Bourne AM
ISS Institute

101/685 Burke Road
Camberwell 3124

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