[Design and Technology] election promise

Peter Niass peter at ozintell.com
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Just letting people know that Roland have recently introduced a leasing
option for schools for all of their CAD/CAM equipment from small vinyl
cutters up to the large 3 and 4 axis milling machines. We at OZIntell are
authorised Roland agents and so I can set up any school with a low cost
lease contract on any combination of Roland (and Fourier datalogging )
equipment that you want. True, it would be nicer if the department would set
it up so that schools could get better than commercial rates, but the
difference would not be that great, and by doing it privately you have more
control over perameters. You still get the advantage of being able to roll
over your old equipment at the end of the lease for the latest technology.
These days with technology developing so rapidly, it makes much more sense.
The types of machinery that will be available in 5 years time will likely be
far different and more advanced than that what is available today. As
teachers we are preparing students for a future workforce so it is important
that we introduce them to current or developing technology. 
Please call or email if you would like more details, rates, quotes, demos
etc. It is actually very easy to set up, and you can have the equipment in
place being used by students in a very short period of time. 
Peter Niass 0408 298 018

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Hardly any magic there. Only in peoples minds. Technology is a much abused
and misused term. 


I am just suggesting that schools could avoid the expense of purchasing
equipment that in time becomes dated if there was a method of leasing

I am concerned that funding will only go to the larger schools that have the
numbers to justify the expenditure of money on equipment.

It would be nice to swap that old metal lathe with an up to date machine.


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... I can lease this laptop from the department. Why can't the school lease
technical equipment such as lathes and welders through the department?


Becausr laptop come under that magical term of 'Technology'!

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