[Aries] RE: Sem 2 Disks for Aries?

Lawson, James LawsonJ at trinity.vic.edu.au
Mon Jun 18 11:34:00 EST 2007

Hi Clarke,

Will they be redoing the printed book as well?


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Dear Andrew and Aries list members


Thanks for your email.


I have had a discussion with Aries USA today and they have informed me
that there is an imminent upgrade of the Sem II curriculum, fully
re-vamped to include Vista.


Therefore at this stage, ARIES will NOT be issuing CDs of Version 6.1 to


I have also been informed that there is a BETA version of this that I
can let schools look at. Let me know and I'll arrange a login for you.


Unfortunately, if you want to deliver 6.1 you will have to use the
online accounts that will be issued to you when you request a class.


If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


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Hi Clark,


Just begun the Aries sem 2 course, setting up the class etc.  Noticed
the exam bank is version 6.1.  Currently at school we only have
curriculum disk 5.0.  Is there a upgrade from V5.0 to version 6.1 and if
so could we have it?




Andy Bleach

Mandurah Senior College

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