Password Problems

Q: I am confused . How many passwords are there?

A: There is a password for the web areas that is for teachers only. You can request a password from Request a Password . Secondly, there is a password for reading newsgroups. This is a public password found on the using a newsreader link .Finally, there is a password for managing your subscription of each list ( one per list ) but this is only sent on subscribing to a list.

Q: I am having trouble accessing the password protected areas on your web site, can you help ?

A: Most reported problems are related to the network setup with proxy issues.  For example, access from school isn't working, but from home using the same operating system and browser all is well.  You may also need to speak to your network manager if you are not having success. If after satisfying yourself that the network is behaving as you expect for full internet browsing access, consider the following: