Development, growth and mission of Edulists


Edulists is an inclusive virtual environment created to assist all teachers to provide the best possible quality education for their students. This is achieved through a dynamic community where subscribers can question, assist, clarify, inform and support each other. Edulists is open to teachers, lecturers, administrators, students, industry representatives as well as any other stakeholders interested in delivering the best for our students.
Edulists has subscribers from public, private, secular and religious schools. Participation, knowledge and resources are not restricted to the chosen few, inner sanctum or the select committees who make decisions affecting all. All can share in discussing, questioning, informing and clarifying issues that affect their students.
Edulists' motto is "you will never be on your own".


Kevork Krozian the creator of Edulists, has been a practising teacher since 1988, working in a government school in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria Australia . He is trained in computer science and chemistry and has worked in the oil exploration industry on the platforms in Bass Strait prior to entering teaching.

In the mid 1990s Kevork saw the need for teachers to help each other much more than was possible within individual staffrooms or elsewhere. This was due to the rapidly changing environment in which it was expected to deliver relevant, accountable IT courses to students. What everyone needed was ongoing private and public communication with colleagues beyond the one or two questions at annual conferences - in media parlance "a 30 second grab" only once a year - which invariably led to even more questions than answers. This led to frustration, anxiety and stress, not ameliorated by anyone or anything except his own initiative to create a virtual community of like minded educators and interested individuals coalescing around the singular goal of providing the best for their students by having the best for teachers in the first instance. Simply put , teachers needed more support - both immediate and ongoing. 

From humble beginnings of just a solitary list for VCE Information Technology Systems running at Forest Hill College Edulists has grown to over 35 lists spanning multiple disciplines from IT to VET, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Arts, Health and Physical Education , connecting thousands of teachers around Victoria, Australia and the world in lively discussions and tangible assistance to all those who seek it in an environment of mutual respect and reciprocity.

Before long teachers felt the need to exchange not just ideas but also sample teaching and assessment material. In response to this need, Kevork quickly ensured all lists had a companion web site to post sample work for others to share. Not much later the need arose to provide some level of protection for assessment tasks, exams and similar material by restricting it to teachers only. This was soon accommodated by password protecting this category of items whereby passwords would only be sent to valid teacher, or school email addresses.

At all times, Edulists has been a solo, one person operation and remains as such. In 2005 Edulists was migrated to a self standing independent service operating with the kind assistance of sponsors such as the VCAA and VITTA. If you wish to assist or sponsor Edulists please contact Kevork on the email below.

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