List Options

Q1: How do I find out how many lists I am subscribed to ?

Click on subscribe, select a list you are subscribed to. At the bottom of the page, you will see an option to "Unsubscribe or Edit Options" as follows:

 Fill in your email address and click " Unsubscribe or Edit Options". You will then be asked for your password.  If you don't have it, click on the Password reminder button at the bottom of the page and a password will be emailed to your address immediately. Thereafter, use your given password to log in and you will see a button that will allow you to see all the lists you are on as follows:

Q2: How do I change the options for the lists?

List options are the way your mail is handled and a whole range of other tweaks you can control for your subscription. Eg. Suspend mail delivery while you are on holidays, send packaged summaries of messages periodically etc. 

To change your options you need to use your email address and the original password that arrived when you subscribed to the list.
If you have lost this password, it is still possible for you to request a password reminder which will only go to your email account that is in the database of known subscribers.  Once you receive this password , then the combination of your email address and this password will be used to access your account options.
Options for each list are managed individually. That means you need to configure each list separately. There are a few global options that will filter to all lists you are subscribed to , but generally most settings need to be configured individually for each list.
To access options for each list click on the following link:                                                                 

List  List Options Description
AgHort Agriculture and Horticulture Teachers' Mailing List
aries Aries Teachers' Mailing List
cisco Cisco Teachers' Mailing List
destech Design and Technology Teachers' Mailing List
elearning elearning Teachers' Mailing List
he Health Education Teachers' Mailing List
itapps Year 12 Information Technology Applications Teachers' Mailing List
is Year 12 Information Technology Systems Teachers' Mailing List
java Java Programming Teachers' Mailing List
moodle The Moodle Users' in Schools Mailing List
offtopic Information Technology Teachers' Offtopic Mailing List
pe Year 12 Physical Education Teachers' Mailing List
philosophy Year 12 Philosophy Teachers' Mailing List
php PHP programming Teachers' Mailing List
primaryit Primary Teachers' Information Technology Mailing List
products Vendor Product Information Mailing List
psych Year 12 Psychology Teachers' Mailing List
syseng Systems and Engineering Teachers' Mailing List
tech Technical Discussion in Schools Mailing List
test Test List
textech Textiles and Technology Teachers' Mailing List
trivia A Trivia Mailing List for Teachers
tsi Technical Support to Schools Mailing List
vbasic Year 12 Visual Basic Programming Teachers' Mailing List
vcd Visual Communication and Design Teachers' Mailing List
vcechem VCE Chemistry Teachers' Mailing List
vcemaths VCE Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
vels Victorian Essential Learning Standards
vet-badm VET Business Administration Teachers' Mailing List
vet-it Vet Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
vet-mm VET Multimedia Teachers' Mailing List
vitta-news VITTA news Mailing List
yr11it Year 11 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
Yr7-10it Year 7 - 10 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
Yr7-10maths Year 7-10 Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List