Reading Archives of List messages

Q1: How do I set up my computer to read archives of lists?

There are 2 methods :

A:  Click on the link for the appropriate list below

List  Archives Description
AgHort Agriculture and Horticulture Teachers' Mailing List
aries Aries Teachers' Mailing List
cisco Cisco Teachers' Mailing List
destech Design and Technology Teachers' Mailing List
elearning elearning Teachers' Mailing List
english VCE English Teachers' Mailing List
english-literature English Literature Teachers' Mailing List
esl ESL Teachers' Mailing List
foundationmaths Foundation Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
furthermaths Further Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
generalmaths General Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
geography Geography Teachers' Mailing List
he Health Education Teachers' Mailing List
hhd Health and Human Development Teachers' Mailing List
itapps Year 12 Information Technology IT Applications Teachers' Mailing List  ( replaces IPM Mailing List )
da Year 12 Data Analytics Teachers' Mailing List 
japanese Japanese Teachers' Mailing List
java Java Programming Teachers' Mailing List
mathsmethods Mathematical Methods Teachers' Mailing List
mmcas Maths Methods (CAS) Teachers' Mailing List
moodle The Moodle Users' in Schools Mailing List
offtopic Information Technology Teachers' Offtopic Mailing List
opensource Open Source Software Mailing List
pe Year 12 Physical Education Teachers' Mailing List
philosophy Year 12 Philosophy Teachers' Mailing List
php PHP programming Teachers' Mailing List
primaryit Primary Teachers' Information Technology Mailing List
products Vendor Product Information Mailing List
psych Year 12 Psychology Teachers' Mailing List
reporting Student Reporting Mailing List
sofdev Year 12 Information Technology Software Development Teachers' Mailing List  ( relaces IT Systems Mailing List )
specialistmaths Specialist Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
syseng Systems and Engineering Teachers' Mailing List
tech Technical Discussion in Schools Mailing List
test Test List
textech Textiles and Technology Teachers' Mailing List
trivia A Trivia Mailing List for Teachers
tsi Technical Support to Schools Mailing List
vbasic Year 12 Visual Basic Programming Teachers' Mailing List
vcd Visual Communication and Design Teachers' Mailing List
vcealgorithmics VCE Algorithmics Mailing List
vcechem VCE Chemistry Teachers' Mailing List
vcemaths VCE Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List
vels Victorian Essential Learning Standards
vet-badm VET Business Administration Teachers' Mailing List
vet-it Vet Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
vet-mm VET Multimedia Teachers' Mailing List
vitta-news VITTA news Mailing List
yr11it Year 11 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
Yr7-10it Year 7 - 10 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing List
Yr7-10maths Year 7-10 Mathematics Teachers' Mailing List


B: Setup your computer to use the newsgroups

Q2: What is the difference between each type of archive ?

 The built in archives such as allow a search of message headers for a single month only. The newsreader allows a full search of keyword, author and other message details going back to the first message posted on the list. Therefore the newsreader provides a more comprehensive search facility to track down almost any word ever posted during the total life of the list.

Q3:  Ok the newsreader looks good, how do I set it up  ?

1. You will need a news reader client, for example Outlook Express, Netscape Mail , WinVN, Free Agent and others.
Some or all of the settings you may require to enter are : 

                                                           Display Name --- your name (no aliases and no masquerading please)

                                                           Email address  --- exactly as subscribed to the mailing list ( no aliases )

                                                           NNTP Server   ----   

                                                           Yes ----- to my server requires me to log on . NB.  Username (fhc2002z)  and Password ( fhc9876z)

                                                            No ----  to Log on using Secure Password Authentication

2. Once the news reader is started, it will ask if you want a list of newsgroups. Answer yes and proceed to load the newsgroups. For each one you are a member of, select and click subscribe. News groups mirror the names of the lists eg.                                                                      

Newsgroup Mailing List Yr 12 IPM Yr 12 IT Systems VET  in IT  technical discussion Technical Support Inititative Visual Basic

3. By clicking or double clicking on the newsgroup name, you will now be able to see all messages in a threaded discussion. You may need to sort in reverse order of date to view most recent first. If you haven't saved the password in your setup you will be asked for it, otherwise you will go into the newsgroup without a password request. This still authenticates you, but through the saved information.

4. Some newsreaders only download a fixed number of messages, for example Outlook Express defaults to 300 new messages at one time. You can turn this off to receive ALL messages or you will need to adjust this number to your own requirements.

5. Once you read the thread or message of interest you can write back to the list through the newsreader interface. If you are not a member of the list your message will not appear. 

6. The newsreader interface will also act as an archival facility so threads revisited can be perused before they are reactivated. 

7. Thereafter you will be able to retain access to your mailing list interface through your normal email account and reader and also maintain full access through the news reader interface.