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the submission date for the YAGA Competition has been extended to *4pm
Monday 3 September* to coincide with ICT Week on Friday 7 September.
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The Young Australasian Games Awards (YAGA) for 2012 are now open!

2012 YAGA Theme: Australian heroes

Students are invited to rise to the challenge and write a game that teaches
the concepts of persistence, endeavour, pushing through to win and
overcoming obstacles as encapsulated by a hero in Australian history.

*Heroes overcome*

Pick an Australian hero from any time in history and build a game that
depicts his/her struggles to overcome trials and obstacles to achieve
success. The game should be educational as the player learns important
principles such as in order to succeed tribulations, difficulties,
obstacles must be overcome with persistence and courage. The game should
also teach the player that decisions in the game should reflect the
decisions made by the hero made in life. You will need to do some research
into the life of the hero you choose so that you game is authentic.

Some examples of heroes:

   - Albert Namatjira, Aboriginal painte
   - Edith Cowan, champion for womans' right
   - Dawn Fraser, swimming legen
   - Captain Cook, discoverer of modern Australi
   - Don Bradman, cricket legend

At first, the concept of the game may appear complex but students may
submit simplified interpretations.

*What to include with your entry...*

   -  Your name
   - Your school's name
   - Your supervising teacher's name
   - Language chosen - The language that the game is written in, including
   the version number.
   - Program overview - A one page program overview that explains the
   context of the program within either theme of this year's competition, and
   it's basic function.
   - The program itself - The program should be zipped into a single file
   to ensure that all folders and sub-folders are included. The source files
   themselves should be submitted as well as an executable that can be run
   independently of the programming language interface (if this is possible -
   see below).
   - Loading instructions - How to load and run the program

No restrictions are placed on either the programming language or
development environment - however, students should ensure that they include
both the source code and an executable version of the program in their
submission. Listed below are some examples of languages and environments
used in both primary and secondary schools.

*Primary Games Programming*

   - Scratch
   - Kahootz
   - Kodu
   - Game Maker

*Secondary Games Programming*

   - C#
   -  VB
   -  Xbox
   - Game Maker
   - PHP
   - Python
   - iPhone app


   - They include specific documentation outlining the language and version
   - Their Graphics and sounds are original or reproduced with
   authorisation and acknowledgement

More information can be found on www.vitta.org.au/yaga/competition

Submit entries to yagas at vitta.org.au or mail to:
2012 Young Australasian Games Awards
PO Box 1099
Collingwood VIC 3066

All winning entries will be invited to ICT Week at Federation Square in
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