[Vitta-news] 1 in 1: A film making competition using portable devices [mobile phones, Flips etc]

Mark Richardson mark.at.vitta at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 16:40:07 EST 2009

1 in 1: A film making competition using portable devices [mobile  
phones, Flips etc]

The Victorian Information Technology Teachers Asscociation [VITTA] is  
running a competition called 1 in 1. It is a student film making  
competition using mobile devices, [mobile phones, Flip cameras or  
similiar, small handheld digital still / video cameras.

1in1 is a video award. The challenge for a student is to to plan,  
film, edit and create a 1 minute video. All that is required is a good  
idea, a mobile phone or a camera that can record a film and a computer  
with basic video-editing software. The school must permit students to  
work on their production over 1 week in October / early November 2009  
and provide a supervising teacher.

Task (same for all Divisions - Primary, Junior Secondary, Upper  
Secondary) – “Create a 1 minute video using a mobile phone or mobile  
technology”, The entries may include any combination of moving and  
still images. They may not include any images that may be offensive.  
All music and graphical images must be open source or copyright free.  
There are three divisions [primary, junior secondary & senior secondary]
Why don't you enter??

Visit the 1:1 website http://www.3in6.vitta.org.au/index.php?page=the-competition-2

There is a training and information session at Williamstown PS on  
Thursday 22.10.2009 from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m
Enter via school administration office near the corner of Electra and  
Parker Streets.

Presenter: Mark Richardson

Cost: Free

However, you must register online. http://www.vitta.org.au/trainingevents

[If we have no online registrations, then the event will be cancelled]

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