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I'll be honest, I've never found an explanation of "word salad" as a creative thinking technique, it seems to refer to an incomprehensible form speech used by those with certain mental disabilities. This article in yesterday's Age confirms what I have found.

Fairfax football writer Rohan Connolly is a considerable character and not one to suffer fools gladly. Recently, he tweeted: "I'll say it again! The real cultural war looming in this country isn't so much about left v right as intelligence v rank f---ing stupidity." A few days earlier, he tweeted after reading the transcript of a Trump speech, describing it as a "word salad...Not only is there no coherent policy, it's barely even coherent English".

Google "Trump word salad", and lots of commentators are describing his incoherence as a word salad. Most definitely not a technique likely to yield a creative solution.
Has anyone used this technique in a critical and creative thinking exercise? Or how did teachers define this "creative thinking technique"?

Not long now...

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