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Tue Oct 27 11:01:25 AEDT 2015

Hi Everyone.

For the last little while I have been developing IDM resources for until
1/2 IDM. I started thinking I was going to write a text book, but moved
onto trailing different digital options. I trailed OneNote with two
schools, one with good IT support and one whose IT was reluctant to help. It
worked really well in the school who had IT support, but not great at the
one that did not. At that stage I decided to create a web version as
well.The following units are almost finished and ready for sale.

   - BSBCRT301A Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills
   - CUFIND301A Work effectively in the screen and media industries
   - BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes 2
   - CUFDIG303A Produce and prepare photo images

The web version is available as a subscription service and you pay per
student for a year of access. The OneNote version is a one off fee for the
resource. If you would like a unit developed that is not
yet available please feel free to contact me.

https://youtu.be/7Z7Ttajh0V4 <https://youtu.be/9j4wYeuQzh4> - Web Unit.

https://youtu.be/9j4wYeuQzh4 - Onenote Unit.

See my website for more information.


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