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Fri Sep 26 13:24:49 EST 2014

Sorry to disturb holidays, but please take a minute to look at the following
request from the VCAA. If you know you won't be teaching Unit 3-4 in 2015,
please have a chat to the VCE Examinations Unit and consider applying for a
position. We really need people with a good understanding of the IDM course
to develop our exam.


Claire Bloom

State Reviewer


The VCAA Examinations Unit is currently recruiting for the 2015 VCE VET IDM
examination panel.  The role requires teachers/trainers who will not be
teaching Units 3 and 4 in 2015 and who have an interest in examination
development and appropriate experience and qualifications. 


The following positions are currently available: 

. Exam Panel Member - contributes to the development of the exam, including
writing questions and answers, reviewing material and attending scheduled
meetings. Panel members must have excellent knowledge of the requirements of
the study and/or particular expertise in the content of the study.

. Study Specialist - reviews the accuracy of the theoretical and technical
content of the exam. Requires considerable expertise in the study being
examined and has excellent knowledge of all content of the examination.


Positions are paid and provide a great opportunity to take part in and
contribute to the VCE exam development process.


Enquiries about the requirements of these roles including eligibility should
be directed to the Xenofon Arvanitis, VCE Examinations Unit ASAP. Telephone:
(03) 9032 1791.


Applications can be made via the VCAA Sessional Staff Management System:

.             Click on the 'New Applicants' button below

.             Read the Terms and Conditions on the next page

.             On the 'Vacancy Search' page click on VET, then enter
'Multimedia' in the 'VET Study' field and 'Examinations' in the 'Area of
Work' field

.             This will bring up the position and applications can proceed
from this point.


Thank you for your consideration and support. 



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