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Just in case you didn't get this...

Also where the email refers to not teaching the study, this means at Unit 3/4 level. You can apply if you are just teaching Unit 1/2, 
> From: VCAA Assessment Administration Unit 
> Sent: Friday, 5 September 2014 12:12 PM
> To: VCAA Assessment Administration Unit
> Subject: Professional development opportunity with the VCAA: IDM
> Dear colleague/s
> Your school offers this study (has students enrolled) and your teacher/s may be interested in this.
> We would like you to assist us by passing the message on to those study teacher/s.
> The VCAA wishes to increase its pool of people who participate in the development of the written examination in the study of Interactive Digital Media.
> Development of the written examination:
> Teachers who are not teaching the study in 2015 and have expertise and experience in teaching the study or related programs are eligible to be part of the VCE examination development panel.
> Particular roles are:
> (1)  the Chairperson and Panel Members who develop (write) the paper
> (2)  the paper is reviewed by a study specialist (expert in the study design/program) and an examination sitter (sits the paper like a student).
> How do you apply?
> If interested, you are encouraged to submit an expression of interest as soon as possible via the SSMS website (see below).
> Applications for this panel have been held open until Saturday 20 September.
> If you, or a colleague, would be interested in this opportunity but wish to make an enquiry please contact the VCAA Examinations Unit: 9032 1789 (examinations.vcaa at edumail.vic.gov.au)
> Thank you
> Manager Assessment Services VCAA
> (this message has been sent to all schools with MU05 enrolments in 2014)
> *******************************************************************************************************
> The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) recognises training to assess VCE studies and participation on VCE examination development panels as quality professional development as contributions for renewal of registration.
> *******************************************************************************************************
> Further information for interested persons
> Greetings from the Assessment Services Helpdesk
> Applications can only be submitted via our dedicated website: https://www.ssms.vic.edu.au 
> The system works for both PC and MAC with suggested browsers of Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, Chrome.
> You are advised to read the information provided as links on the SSMS Bulletin Board (where available for certain positions)
> Go to the SSMS website
> NEW APPLICANT (never applied before)
> If you are new to SSMS, then you need to lodge a complete application first.
> After we receive your information as part of the application process and our internal validation procedures are complete (usually within 24 hours) you will then be issued (via email) with a username and password for future use.
> To be assisted you can contact the SSMS Helpdesk by email assessment.administration.vcaa at edumail.vic.gov.au or phone 9225-2305 (phone in business hours only).
> PREVIOUS APPLICANT (user name and password)
> If you have applied before using SSMS then use your username and password to log in.
> If you do not remember your username and/or password you will need to retrieve these
> You might need to retrieve your username first and then get a temporary password (please note your username IS NOT your ID number).
> These ‘forgotten your…’ options are located in the login area to the right of the SSMS homepage.
> Details will be emailed to the preferred email address that you have registered on our system.
> You need to apply in one sitting; you are ‘writing’ directly onto the VCAA sessional staff management system, so you cannot save part of the application, go away and then come back to it but you can move backwards and forwards within the application.
> You will be timed out for security reasons after 15 minutes of no-activity (eg. need to move between pages and so on); if this happens your application is “lost” and your account locked.
> It will unlock after 30 minutes but if not and you get a message saying “cannot be authenticated”  you need to ring the SSMS Helpdesk.
> Make sure Pop-up blocker on the toolbar is TURNED OFF or Disabled (eg. for Internet Explorer -> Go to <TOOLS>, -<POP-UP BLOCKER> - Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker)
> Do not have any Yahoo/Google toolbars active or in the background.
> Important - This email and any attachments may be confidential. If received in error, please contact us and delete all copies. Before opening or using attachments check them for viruses and defects. Regardless of any loss, damage or consequence, whether caused by the negligence of the sender or not, resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any attached files our liability is limited to resupplying any affected attachments. Any representations or opinions expressed are those of the individual sender, and not necessarily those of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
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