[vet-mm] Revision materials or advice on how to best revise?

Adrian Janson janson.adrian.a at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 09:54:27 EST 2014

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any revision materials or worksheets (or anything really) that they would be kind enough to post to the list? I started teaching VET MM half way through last year - and when I did the revision for the exam, found it tough - as (for me) I felt like the information was all over the place and it wasn't easy to get a handle on "these are the things you need to know". Coming from teaching SD where I had taught it for many MANY years and had a solid grasp of exactly what the students needed to know and not know - it was tough!
Any breadcrumbs or scraps of anything would be greatly appreciated!
Cheers,Adrian JansonStrathcona BGGS 		 	   		  
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