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Ana Tuckerman Ana.Tuckerman at acmi.net.au
Tue Jul 29 09:08:02 EST 2014

Just in case you missed it, we have the animators and designers from DreamWorks and local animators and sound designers talking to students via video on the following days. Highly recommend the worlds and story one for our students. You don’t even have to leave your school.
☺ Ana

All Years, August
DreamWorks Animation Video Conference Series >> Connect with DreamWorks Animation!

Book your class in now for the opportunity to interact in this unique video conference series with DreamWorks Animation creatives live from the US and as well as Australian artists and experts. Schools can also link up with and meet other classes.

Each interactive session allows teachers and students to step behind the scenes of the exhibition and DreamWorks Animation films to explore the creative process of animation. Of special mention is Doug Cooper, DreamWorks Animation VFX Supervisor who will talk us through the creation of the amazing 180-degree Dragon Flight installation in DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition during Session 1 and Kendal Cronkite, DreamWorks Animation Production Designer who will speak about the creation of the hilarious and loveable characters in the Madagascar films during Session 3.

The series consists of four sessions over two days. Each videoconference is 45 minutes long and focuses on a specific aspect of the animation process. Select from:

The Creation of Worlds
Tue 5 Aug 10am – 10:45am

The Power of Sound and SFX
Tue 5 Aug 2:15pm – 3:00 pm

Character Design
Wed 6 Aug 10am – 10:45am

Story Development
Wed 6 Aug 2:15pm – 3pm

$25 per session, per connection

Book now >> acmi.net.au/dreamworks-education-program<http://www.acmi.net.au/dreamworks-education-program.aspx>

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