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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to pass on this message from Alison Wall at VCAA. 

Tony Woolrich (details below) is the key contact person, but Alison is happy
to answer enquiries you may have.


Claire Bloom



Dear VCE VET IDM colleagues,


As was recently noted on the VCAA Bulletin, IBSA are currently reviewing the
CUF training package for reaccreditation. 


This is a key opportunity to take part in contributing to the structure and
content of the new training package. Now is the time to get involved and
ensure that the content you believe is important for students is included in
the Cert II and Cert III level qualifications.


Several draft qualifications are available for review on the IBSA website at
the following link: 



A history of discussions about the development thus far is also available


(Note - You will need to sign in to view the VET Community information if
you are not already registered with IBSA.)


If you have questions or wish to contribute/provide feedback please go to
the IBSA Feedback Hub (http://www.feedbackhub.ibsa.org.au/php/loginForm.php)
or contact Tony Woolrich, who is the Training Package Specialist managing
this project at IBSA - Phone: 03 9815 7000 or  tony.woolrich at ibsa.org.au.


IBSA are also planning an Industry Practitioner Workshop to bring together a
broad range of screen and media experts to identify and map skills to job
roles. This workshop is scheduled for Thursday 30 January. If you would like
to attend or have industry connections who may be interested in this event
further information is available at:
cuf-screen-media-development   or registrations can be made at:


IBSA will be conducting Public Forums later in the year once draft
qualifications have been further developed.


Please feel free to pass this information on to other training or industry
colleagues who may also be interested.


Happy to chat if you have any general questions, otherwise all training
package related questions and comments should be directed to IBSA.







Alison Wall
Project Manager
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority 

Casselden, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, 3000


Email:  <mailto:wall.alison.d at edumail.vic.gov.au>
wall.alison.d at edumail.vic.gov.au

Tel: (03) 9032 1734


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