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Andrew Shortell shortell at get2me.net
Tue Nov 19 09:51:28 EST 2013

Hi Michael
My wish list would include
Pixel ed exams , pixel ed PD
Top multimedia excursion so your student s can see the best of the best
Also on wish list PD from your RTO so that you have up to date instructions on using your software
Also ask for opportunity to go to two other schools at least to look at how they do it. There are some really good ones out there

Plan for the exam preparation talk now so that you don't miss out

Buy some extra ram for your machines or solid state drives just because they are som much faster

Personally I do not recommend adobe cloud because if your subscription fails  you lose access to all your documents

Plan for two days of technician time in October so that they can practise getting the computers right for the exam
Get your RTO to link you to another school so tht you can look at their sacs and get an idea of what is what - there is another day off with each sac so that you can travel
Remember with your RTO that VCAA regards your entire RTO as a single group for statistical moderation ( or at least they used to do so) 

Also put in a request for passion  and enjoyment  so that you have fun teaching the course because when you have fun your students tend to do better

Good luck


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CRC Melton

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On 19/11/2013, at 9:24 AM, Michael Rosenbrock <michaelrosenbrock at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone, 
> I am doing some planning for multimedia and have been asked to put together a wishlist for software/equipment/etc. I'm looking to make a list of what we could aim to have, knowing that in reality we are constrained by available funds! 
> If there is anyone out there who has done a similar process recently and is willing to share, or anyone who has any great suggestions for equipment, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance (either by reply to the list or to me directly). 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Best regards, 
> Michael
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