[vet-mm] Year 12 student revision lecture - need your input

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Thanks Craig - I agree it is a good opportunity to reinforce things. At our
place, most kids come by bus, so it takes a bit of wrangling for some of
them to stay back, however, it's not impossible and I thought the offer of
some food might be attractive.

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Dear Claire,

Thanks for the email. After school at 4pm would be easier for me. The
advantage of getting them together to discuss the session as well as knowing
that equipment will work helps.


Craig Bradley
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Dear Year 12 IDM teachers,
You may be aware that in the past pixelEd has run a free online exam
revision lecture for students (and teachers) This has been done using video
conferencing software called Eluminate  (it is now Blackboard, I think!)

Traditionally we held the online lecture in the holidays, but we are now
planning to run it during the first week of term 4.
We think this might give teachers a chance to remind and urge their students
to take part. It will also give you/students a bit of time to test you can
access the video conference room and iron technical glitches.

We are wondering how many teachers would like it held after school eg 4.00,
so that they might have their class stay back and use the school network to
take part.
The alternative is to schedule for around 5.00, giving students time to get
home and access the session from there.
Both options have pros and cons -  we would like to try and maximise
participation, and wonder what you think?

At this stage we are looking at Thurs Oct 10th, but will confirm details in
a few weeks time.

The session will run for about 90 mins, and will be recorded, so could be
viewed after the delivery.
The advantage of attending live is that students can text in
questions/engage in discussion if they wish.
Please send us your thoughts on this.
Claire Bloom

PS - the pixelEd 2013 sample exam will be available soon - watch this

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