[vet-mm] Payment method your school prefers

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Hi Marian,

It's almost impossible to get a cheque out of our Office, it is actively

Key areas of the school that do lots of purchasing have credit cards, and if
your area doesn't have one, you can get the Business Manager to phone up or
enter details and pay with a credit card, otherwise EFT is the way we do
most payments now days - just need to have all the paperwork in place -
invoice and purchase order etc etc.




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Hi all,

Just a quick query - what is the method of payment for PDs and products
preferred by your school office, ie, credit card, Direct Debit or cheque? 

Currently PixelEd receives payment by cheque or Direct Debit. We are looking
into the possibility of accepting credit cards, but as it is not easy to set
up, we want to ensure it is actually an option that schools prefer. 

Thanks for any feedback on this,


Marian Stoney,

PixelEd executive

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