[vet-mm] exam - mixed reactions

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Hi Jeanean

Similar story to yours. They thought the practical section was easier than the PixelEd practice exam I gave them! Which in my opinion is a good thing because they should get decent scores. What they weren't sure of was the animatics question. I don't recall ever seeing that anywhere. Not in the text that I use. I had to look it up! The majority said the multi-choice and short answer was harder than the practical section.

Some of my kids said they couldn't hear the 'ping' in the explosion sound... I don't know what this means, whether it was a timing issue or something like that. Others said they heard it fine. 

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Hmmmmmmmmm… a few mixed reactions from my kids. Seems there were things they knew really well and a couple of odd terms that they didn’t know. They mostly seem to be confident with the practical task though, which is good. Can’t wait until I get a look at the exam. Anyone had similar feedback from their kids?


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