[vet-mm] Personal digital device use at secondary school surveys [Scanned]

Timothy Kitchen TKitchen at strathcona.vic.edu.au
Sun May 20 11:24:39 EST 2012

Hi Folks,

Apologies for any cross posting

I'm wanting to gather some data on the use or personal digital devices at secondary schools.

I've linked 3 short (mainly multiple choice) anonymous surveys to this email. One for secondary students, one for secondary teachers and one for parents/guardians. If possible, can you please pass these surveys on to as many secondary students, teachers and parents as possible and ask them to complete them by Wednesday 5pm  this week.

I will be sharing the data as part of my presentation at both the ICT in Education Conference<http://ictev.vic.edu.au/pd/2012/05/26/ictev-2012-creative-connections-state-conference>, the VITTA Conference<http://www.vitta.org.au/2012conferenceinfo/vitta-annual-conference-2012> and the Gender Matter's Conference<http://www.criticalagendas.com.au/20120110544/Victoria/learning-and-teaching-with-technology-gender-matters.html>.

Student survey<http://alturl.com/t87qj>

Teacher survey<http://alturl.com/szqk5>

Parent survey<http://alturl.com/6jqst>


Tim Kitchen

Dr Tim Kitchen
Director of Learning Technologies
Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

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