[vet-mm] iPad & 1;1 and logo-quiz

Andrew Shortell shortell at get2me.net
Tue May 8 22:12:11 EST 2012

Hi Y'all

my students have discovered Logo Quiz

although I have not taught IDM for a few years I could see that this app would be very useful when talking about  "the message"; "the audience" ; brand recognition etc

Don't set it as a task  - to see why just google logo quiz answers  !!

On the eLearning list I have started a thread on  what apps to ask students to put on iPads (e.g the storyboards and  a great app: coloruncovered for just a single use with a class)

please contribute on   elearning at edulists.com.au

if not a member of that list then you can subscribe at http://edulists.com.au 

[you can email me off list at   shortell at get2me.net ]


Andrew Shortell
CRC Melton

shortell at get2me.net

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