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Just wondering how commercial this is?

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Subject: Re: Game Training RoadShow - Expression of Interest - FINAL CALL


"Game Training may be one of the best things to happen to me.

I was always wondering about my future and what I wanted to do for a job and Game Training has really given me something to think about.

I was also trying to come up with money to buy things that I want and now I know that when I put something up on the web I can make money off of it.

On the day that game training came to my school I couldn't wait to come home and give it a go. Game Training is really educational and has taught me a lot."

- Jack year 7 student - Queanbeyan High School - March 2012.

Good morning,

This is a Final Call for Expressions of Interest regarding the Melbourne Game Training RoadShow for Term 2, 2012. Please disregard this email if we have already added your school to our expression of interest list.

2012 Game Training RoadShow

Starting in Term 2, on Thursday April 26th, 2012

At schools across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs - (see attached Google Map which shows schools who have already provided their expression of interest). The RoadShow Event is held for your students at your school.

Session Times:
There are 2 Sessions per day to choose from - 9AM to 11AM OR 1PM to 3PM ( a few 4PM to 6PM sessions also available however the best attendance comes when the event is held during school hours )

Student Numbers:
We ask that schools please invite all students from years 7 to 12. (Years 5 & 6 students also welcome and encouraged to attend). Sessions range from 30 to 200 students. However if all students are invited then there is no minimum. There are also no cancellation penalties or fees at any time for any reason.

Software Used at Event:
Unity3D ( FREE Download available from www.unity3d.com<http://www.unity3d.com/> ) which can create commercial quality games for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones and Tablets, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox360 as well as games which run in the web browser.

What is the Game Training LIVE Event:
The 2 hour live event is a fun yet educational experience where students are shown what is required to create a commercial quality game. The first half of the session is all about building 3D Worlds, importing characters which can walk around the world exploring and vehicles which can drive around, jumping hills or racing around roads constructed through the terrain. During the second half of the session, students learn our '12 Essential Coding Concepts' which starts with the basics of moving objects and adding physics properties to objects through to complex concepts such as creating characters with simple artificial intelligence which become aware of the player, look at and chase the player.

After teaching Game Development with Unity to students from year 5 to year 12 for almost 5 years, we have developed an extraordinary process where up to 200 students learn these concepts in a single 2 hour session. Even students who have never written code are able to start creating their own games after attending the event.

What exactly do students receive:

1) Attendance at the 2 hour session where we build a game LIVE and students learn the techniques, tips and tricks used to create commercial quality games. By the time students arrive home after the session, they will all be able to create their own commercial grade 3D World, import vehicles and characters which can explore their world. They will also be able to write enough code to spawn objects, detect collisions, move physics based objects in the 3D World and much more to start creating their first game.

2) A colour workbook with step by step instructions for the world building and code writing processes.

3) Video tutorials which students can use at home to move through the material at their own speed.

4) Access to our Game Development Resource Library where each student can download over $3,500 worth of top quality resources. These resources include multiple vehicles such as sports cars, 4WD's, trucks, buses and monster trucks, complete game scenes such as medieval villages, viking towns and sic-fi corridors, characters and animals such as gremlins, scorpions, horses, goats, sheep, cows, special effects a weather simulator to create day/night cycles, storms, clouds and much much more.

5) A Complete 10 Level Physics Game with full source code.

6) Ongoing Email Support by our head trainer Jeff Ayling who makes himself available to help students, answer questions and assist with coding issues.

Cost Per Student:
$45 (Students receive over $3,500 worth of Game Development Resources for this fee). There are no ongoing fees.

Cost To School:
There is no cost to your school. Our revenue is generated only by the number of parents who decide that their children would benefit from attending the event.

To educate and motivate students and give them the skills to start developing their own 3D Worlds and games. By providing students with these skills at an early age, our goal is to  increase the number of students who choose IT related subjects around the country. There is currently such a decrease in students selecting IT electives that many schools we visit no longer run a software design course - we aim to reverse this trend by re-motivating students and giving them the skills to take their passion for video games and use it to STOP PLAYING & START CREATING their own commercial quality video games.

Participating schools will receive enough colour double-sided information sheets (see attached) to hand out to all students along with a permission note. A3 Colour posters are also provided along with a USB drive containing a sample permission note, info sheets in jpg format for emailing parents or local Primary feeder schools, assembly announcement and newsletter sample text. Also contained on the USB is a video showing samples of the resources students receive ( http://www.gametraining.net/preview/ResourcePreview.wmv ).

If you have any other questions which I have not covered in this email, please feel free to email or call me on 0402 26 8066<tel:0402%2026%208066> or please email your expression of interest to team at gametraining.net<mailto:team at gametraining.net>.

With so many students in Victoria about to experience the RoadShow it would be a shame for your students to miss out.

We would love to work with you and your students. Please let me know if we are able to add you to our interested schools list and we will then contact you shortly to look at date options.

Best regards,

Marlene Mathew


Jeff Ayling
Game Training
0402 26 8066<tel:0402%2026%208066>


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