[vet-mm] 6in6 Student Competition - last call for entries in the 2012 competition.

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The 6in6 Competition - last call for entries in the 2012 competition.


About 6in6: 

6in6 aims to build visual literacies by asking students  to convey an idea,
a story, to enhance, to instruct, to communicate using design, colour,
shape, line by combining 6 images based on a theme.

The theme is very important and all six images should relate strongly to
each other around the theme.  There are no annotations allowed on the
images, so they must be pulled together by the theme.  

They can use images from mobile phones, digital cameras or video cameras.
Creativity is the key.  

So, please give your students the permission form, and encourage them to
create their entry and send it in.  


Competition Categories:

.         Prep to Year 3 

.         Year 4 to 6

.         Year 7 to Year 9 

.         Year 10 to Year 12.



The 6in6 competition is sponsored by the Department of Business and

Great Prizes to be won across all categories.  

Winners will be announced at the ICT and Careers Expo in the BMW Edge
Theatre at 11:30am on Friday 7 September.



Denise Mendham

mendham.denise.c at edumail.vic.gov.au



Send your entries by email to  VITTA by Monday 3rd September. Email to
office at vitta.org.au


6in6 Links:

Home: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6

About: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6/competition/about

Judging: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6/competition/judging-2

Entries: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6/competition/entries

Resources: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6/competition/resources

Contact: http://www.vitta.org.au/6in6/competition/contact

Consent Form: http://www.vitta.org.au/documents/item/498


ICT and Careers Expo at Federation Square on September 7th:   

Home: http://www.ictweek.vitta.org.au/ictcareersexpo

Primary Trails: http://www.ictweek.vitta.org.au/ictweek/primary-ict-trails

Secondary Trails:






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