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Sandy hab at pvgc.vic.edu.au
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Hi Kate,

There is really not too many textbooks around but I do use VET Certificate
11 in Multi media from the Barnes Publishing group

Published by AIET     ISBN:1-920858-20-2  2005  or VET CUF20107 Certificate
11 in Creative Industries (Media) Multi media  2008 ISBN:1-920858-53-9 same
publication by AIET publishing Brunswick West fax:93873470. These texts are
a bit old but still have good information and exercises in them.

Also a colleague I worked with here at Pascoe has put together a resources
book text we use for 1 and 2 IDM we cannot sell it due to copyright reasons
but I would happily send you a disc of the booklet in PDF format if you
would like it. It has been a wonderful help for me.

Let me know if you would like this.or do you have a drop box??


Sandy Hablethwaite

Pascoe Vale Girls College





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Hi there,


Does anyone have suggested text books or ebooks for the 1st and 2nd years of
the VET IDM course - Program 2? I am using a lot of different resources from
different sources but have not used any text books / ebooks. Are there any
that you can suggest that would be worthwhile?




Kate Jones

Information Technology Department

Academy of Mary Immaculate

www.academy.vic.edu.au <http://www.academy.vic.edu.au/> 

Ph: 9419 3044

88 Nicholson Street

Fitzroy 3065


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