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Brian Pearce BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au
Thu Oct 20 09:57:02 EST 2011

I agree, it was a well pitched exam. I think we should ask VCAA to hand over the IDM exam setting duties to PixelEd.

Brian Pearce
Catholic Ladies College.

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I would like to say thank you to PixelEd for the excellent exam revision this year.

We were unable to be a part of the elluminate revision session and I am very regretful about that, but we have made very good use of the recording. I do hope this happens again next year,  because I will make sure we are better prepared so that we can be a part of it.

The PixelEd practice exam was very good. My students completed that yesterday and I feel they are slowly becoming a bit more confident for this exam.

I'm not sure about other schools, but my students here at Highview have been feeling very frightened about the IDM exam. We looked at the examiner's report from last year as we went over each question from the 2010 exam and they were continually astounded to see the large percentage of students who did not answer correctly. (Some of those questions were shockers - even I was confused about what was being asked of me!)

So Thankyou PixelEd for helping me help my students to feel better prepared for the scary exam!

Jeanean Pritchard
Highview College

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Here is the link to the PixelEd 2011 exam lecture recording:

Thanks to teachers who encouraged their students to attend. We hope it was helpful.

Also a reminder that our AGM will be held Monday October 10th, 6.00 at Shoubu Restaurant, 270 Smith St Collingwood
Come along to hear what the association has been doing and have input into the future directions of PixelEd.
We would particularly invite any interested members to consider joining the committee and contribute to developing programs and resources to assist IDM teachers.
Please contact me directly if you would like more information or would like to nominate for committee.

Claire Bloom
PixelEd President


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