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Hi Diane,

Which past exam are you looking at?

Given your description I think it's the sample questions which VCAA created
last year as a guide to the new exam, that started 2010.

There are no resources for this, it's merely given as an example of the type
of prac task to expect.

So there are no resources unless you create them for the kids.

You could get the kids to draw bunny body parts in Flash from scratch and
then animate (although clearly pointing out that in the real exam such
assets would be provided) 

But would probably need to supply those assets that they are modifying such
as the text or picture etc.




You can download a pdf of the 2010 exam with an embedded link with exam zip
file, but have not used it so not sure how it works




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Hello everyone
I want to give my students the practice exam from the VCAA website but it
mentions some resources - picture of the cast for the front page, some text
describing the game and some body parts of Bob for the animation - does
anyone know where I could grab these resources because they aren't on the
website? I could replicate them myself but at this stage, I thought it would
be quicker to beg for help! Do the resources 'ring a bell' with anyone and
if so, could you let me know where I could grab them.

Thanks and good luck over the next fortnight or so
Diane Peat
Firbank Grammar School
dpeat at firbank.vic.edu.au

 Firbank Crest <http://helpdesk.firbank.vic.edu.au/crest/FIRBANK2010.gif> 

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