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Michelle Dennis mdennis at mentonegirls.vic.edu.au
Mon May 16 10:02:33 EST 2011

I was going to send the first website to the list (having just
discovered it and being overwhelmed by its usefulness), and then I
thought while I'm at it, why don't I share a few more favourite links?


Camera Simulator


If you're teaching camera theory and don't have a class set of DSLRs
(who does?) this might be a useful reference:


It allows students to experiment and see the effects of changing the
ISO, shutter speed and aperture in different lighting conditions.


Design Bloom


This website contains everything from packaging to architectural design,
so it might not always be in the scope of this subject... but it's
always interesting. 





Logo Trends 2011


An interesting - and sometimes critical - report on the popular
approaches to logo design in 2011.   It always amuses me that something
which is meant to be unique and stand out actually follows trends - the
2011 'O' trend  is particularly interesting.




Grain Edit


This website is really focused on the illustrative and typographic
realms and always contains something of interest.




Smashing Magazine


More of a 'web design' than a 'graphic design' blog, it contains some
interesting tidbits about the world of developing.   Very useful in
updating your industry knowledge.  (For example, today's article about
how designers and developers can work together:
eveloper-discord/)  They're also worth following on twitter.






Animation - Stop Motion


I heard him speak at agIdeas and was really amazed by the beauty of his
abstract frame-by-frame animations.  http://www.ducroz.com/


Speaking of which, if agIdeas gets enough orders, they will produce a
highlight reel of the best speakers from 2011.  You can preorder here:
http://feedback.agideas.net/  It would be $20 and a great resource - the
speakers this year were fantastic.

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