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Hi Stuart,
Good to hear from you.
Look forward to the resource portal.

As far as exam goes, PixelEd is planning another student revision session -
online via Elluminate, for the third term holidays.

I guess we could have a post-exam discussion/analysis for teachers online as
Would teachers be interested? I know some people have struggled with
Elluminate - but it has been upgraded and should be accessible from most
schools (well, gov't, at least)
We will never find a time that suits everyone, but at least those who miss
the live session can easily view the recording of the discussion.
If people are interested, I am happy to organise a session and distribute
details for those who have never used (or have forgotten) Elluminate.

Any thoughts from folk out there?

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Hi all, I know I've been quite on the emails lately. Lot going on.

I know have a full-time job at another school doing slightly  
different duties. This does mean I won't be delivering any VETIDM  
subjects for a while. However, this does mean I will be putting up  
some of my resources up for others to help students get the most out  
of doing a VET IDM subject.

I'm using a WikiSpaces site to do so and figured i'll do it as long  
as: if you become a member, you upload something you wish to share. I  
think thats fare! (http://myvetidm.wikispaces.com/) Request  
membership and I should get an email. I'll start uploading my  
resources soon. My new job is keeping me very busy.

Good luck to all. I know we need it after last years exam. It could  
be worthwhile someone putting togther a "FIRST YEAR RECAP" pack for  
students doing the exam. I know there was stuff I couldn't cover due  
to time.

I feel good about this and if i leave on a positive note, maybe i'll  
help one or two people out in the process.

Keep Safe and Warm :)


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