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Hi Clair, Hope you are well! I haven't seen you for ages. I'm not teaching VET Mulitmedia at the moment, but am keen to keep up with changes and developments  - and also hopefully see a few familiar faces.. : ) The accounts deparment at my school  have asked if it will ok if the $60 payment doesn't go through until next week? I hope thsi is ok. Many Thanks,Katie
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To all teachers new to VET IDM:Gear-up day for new teachers of IDM (repeat of presentation in March 2011)In response to a couple of questions I have had off list – YES this PD it is a repeat of the session held at the Arts Centre in March; except for the Digital Hub presentation, which is NOT the NGV tour we enjoyed earlier in the year. And, of course, whilst the VET IDM presentations are the same – questions, discussion and networking opportunities may be quite different to earlier in the year – depends on the audience! Date: Monday 12th  December
Location: Arts centre Digital Learning Hub 
Program9.00-10.30 - Introduction and approaches to teaching Units 1-2 – New resource for Year 1-2 out soon -  get a sneak preview!!10.30-11.00 -  Morning Tea included11.00-12.30 -  Digital Learning Hub presentationDigital Learning Hub will present an  introduction to digital learning at the Arts Centre as it applies to IDM and a quick sneak peak at what is happening at Hamer Hall. Following this, we’ll take a look at the new Web 2 projects recently launched by the Learning and Participation unit.12.30-1.30 - Lunch in the food court at own expense 1.30-3.00 - Introduction and approaches to teaching Units 3-4 Price: $115 (members $95) for full day Morning or Afternoon only $60 (members $55) 
Either am or pm includes the Digital Learning Hub session.
Bookings: go to http://www.pixeled.org.au CheersClaire Bloom
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