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> VCAA asked me to pass this on. If you are not teaching 3/4 next year please consider!
> Be on the VCE exam setting panel
> What do I need to be on a VCE exam setting panel?
> Members of exam setting panels are chosen for their
> relevant tertiary qualifications
> experience and expertise in VCE assessment or other assessment relevant to the study
> excellent knowledge of the relevant VCE study design (or equivalent)
> extensive teaching experience
> Anyone involved in teaching, tutoring or lecturing students or preparing practice exams in Units 3 and 4 of the same study is not eligible to be on an exam panel. 
> What is the composition of the VCE exam setting panels?
> Exam Panel Chair - is responsible for managing the setting panel, providing leadership and ensuring compliance with the administrative, quality and security requirements specified by the VCAA.
> Exam Panel Members - contribute to the development of the exam including writing questions. Panel members must have excellent knowledge of the requirements of the study and/or particular expertise in the content of the study.
> Study Specialist Vetter - reviews the accuracy of the theoretical and technical content of the exam. Requires considerable expertise in the study being examined and has excellent knowledge of all content of the examination.
> Examination Sitter Vetter - is required to sit the exam and provide a detailed report. Should be an experienced teacher of Units 3 and 4 of the study.
> Why be a member of a VCE exam setting panel?
> Setting or vetting VCE examinations is a rewarding and challenging experience that provides an opportunity to further develop understanding of assessment techniques and to enhance skills in setting examinations. This work is recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching as approved professional development.
> How do I apply to be on a panel?
> All expressions of interest must be lodged through the VCAA SSMS website www.ssms.vic.edu.au
> Ensure you complete all fields with as much information as possible
> Carefully read all information on SSMS front page before applying
> Where can I get more information?
> Enquiries about the requirements of these roles including eligibility should be directed to Simona Wengritzky VCE Examinations Unit.
> Telephone:  9225 2357
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