[vet-mm] Predicted answers for VCAA Exam Sample Questions & VET IDM Wiki (2011)

Stuart James Bush subscriptions at sjbsolutions.com.au
Sun Sep 26 16:59:17 EST 2010

Hi all, just going through some last minute preparation for beginning  
of Term 4.

For some stupid reason, i cannot find the notes i made from the  
Elluminate seminar for the predicted answers for the VCAA Sample Exam  

I know i had a few notes and was wondering if anyone would like to  
share theirs. Will have to fire up time machine and try and track  
them down.


On another note, myself and few other VET IDM teachers are starting  
to develop a Wiki based on VET IDM Units 3 & 4. (This may include  
Units 1 & 2 as well)

We would like to spend some time developing it until we release the  
URL and invite members.

Are there any suggestions of what people would like to see up there?  
What would be the best way of managing it? Would teachers want to  
become moderators or just members? Is this something everyone would  
contribute to? Does being a member mean that you are obliged to share  
your resources, tips and trick with other members? What are peoples  
feelings about this resource?

Please let me know! I'd really like to get some VETIDM Web 2.0  
presence for 2011. I'm happy to share my knowledge, especially if it  
helps others.



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