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Technology Pathways Briefing 
15 Sep 2010 

As part of the Multimedia Victoria ICT Careers in Schools program, The Australian Industry Group will host a free briefing focusing on the range of technologies that make huge contributions to our community. 

Technology Pathways 

Our three key note speakers will cover the following topics: 

1. Desalination – what does it take to produce fresh water from salt water and how good is it really? We will be told of some of the diverse technologies used in this process. 

Speaker: TBC 

2. Biometrics, Video Analytics, Security Solutions – what do these terms really mean and what underlying technologies enable society to benefit from them. NEC will show you their secrets. 

Speaker: Lance M. Heather, Senior Manager - BioMetrics/Video Analytics /Security Solutions, NEC 

3. Understand how the RSPCA, with their new animal shelter, reduced water consumption by 35% and expect much larger savings – around 80% and saw energy consumption rise only 5%. Understand how they applied simple technologies to achieve these results . 

Speaker: Greg O’Brien, Executive Manager - Corporate Services, RSPCA 


Australian Industry Group 
20 Queens Road (Opposite Albert Park) 

Cost : Free 

For more info: http://www.vitta.org.au/events/event/technology-pathways-briefing 
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