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Yes thanks for this initiative, Stuart - any support for our subject is a

Whilst it is being constructed, please feel free to share resources via the
mailing list.
We, VET IDM teachers, are not as active at sharing material and initiating
discussions as some of the other VCE lists.
I'm not sure whether this is because teachers fear their material is not
good enough or whether there are issues of intellectual property or ???
Naim, you mention a wiki is user friendly, what features of a wiki make
contributions more likely eg is it the ability to edit a Wiki page that will
help overcome the reluctance of teachers to contribute materials to a
mailing list? 
I certainly understand that the visual display and organisational structure
of a Wiki is more appealing than a mailing list but what factors trigger (or
will trigger) more input from more people?
Do you think there will be any need for mailing lists in the future?

Claire Bloom

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Hi all

I think this is a great idea befitting a Vet IDM course

User friendly
sharing ideas resources lessons plans, which means everyone should be able
to contribute deals with Outcomes Should have a section for teachers and one
for students May be also has a forum

keep up the good work and suggestions James


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Thanks Stuart
It looks great!!

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 6:01 PM, Stuart James Bush <
subscriptions at sjbsolutions.com.au> wrote:

> Hi all, myself and few other VET IDM teachers are starting to develop 
> a Wiki based on VET IDM Units 3 & 4. (This may include Units 1 & 2 as
> well)
> We would like to spend some time developing it until we release the 
> URL and invite members.
> Are there any suggestions of what people would like to see up there?
> What would be the best way of managing it? Would teachers want to 
> become moderators or just members? Is this something everyone would 
> contribute to? Does being a member mean that you are obliged to share 
> your resources, tips and trick with other members? What are peoples 
> feelings about this resource?
> Please let me know! I'd really like to get some VETIDM Web 2.0 
> presence for 2011. I'm happy to share my knowledge, especially if it 
> helps others.
> Regards
> Stu.
> Stuart James Bush
> http://clicktoopen.wordpress.com/
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