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Mixed feelings... a friend of mine delvers both Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4  
at the same time to two separate groups of students. Those students I  
predict, would do a bit better than my group of Unit 3 & 4. That's  
life i guess. Might just have to rewrite the SAC and curriculum for  
next year :(   But then again, may not be teaching it next year :)

Anyone got a job for me ?


On 08/11/2010, at 6:45 PM, Claire Thorpe wrote:

I have found the same comments from my students. I have had a look at  
the exam and I even had a lot of trouble answering many of the  
questions. I also found some of the multiple choice answers debatable  
or open to interpretation? In particular I found Q.4, 6 and 10 to be  

I realise I am quite brain dead by this time of the year but did  
anyone else find the questions a little too specific given the scope  
of the content we need to cover?

I have already completed the feedback survey.



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I haven't had a chance to look at the exam as yet, but the feedback  
from my students is mixed. Although my students found the practical  
tasks to be fairly pleasant and familiar, they did find the theory  
questions a bit unexpected. I do know we can only predict the type of  
questions based on info given out by VCAA - and being a new course we  
really didn't have anything previous to go by. Students told me the  
type of theory questions varied greatly to the Pixel Ed practice exam  
I gave them a couple of weeks ago, so I am wondering if any of your  
students also had similar feedback.


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