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Podcasts to Improve Learning: part of the Certificate of Emerging Technologies 

Emerging technologies offer new opportunities for educators to deepen learner engagement and improve the learning experience. Numerous new tools and approaches have emerged and continue to emerge: blogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking, and social networking services. 

The units in this course will explore the different technologies and suggest their potential impact on teaching and learning. We will be focusing on tools which increase learner choice and engagement, interaction, and the formation of professional learning networks with fellow educators and experts outside of classrooms. 

Podcasts to Improve Learning on 27th May Book on 

How do podcasts help sustain your PLN and improve learning throughout life? 
In this session we will be exploring podcasts (both listening to them and making them) as an example of Web 2.0. Listening to podcasts can be a way of sustaining your PLN. This session will also incorporate a discussion of the issues arising out of the readings, including articles on Building your PLN and Improving Student Learning through Podcasting. There will also be hands-on exploration of some of the tools introduced in the discussion. This VITTA created module is part of the Certificate in Emerging Technologies. 
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