[vet-mm] For teachers: Learn to Create Games for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad!

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Thu May 13 12:00:02 EST 2010

Learn to Create Games for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad! 

with Conor O'Kane 

This 10 week course covers creating simple 2D games using the Torque game engine, and deploying those games onto Apple hardware such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The course is tailored for teachers who want to use game development as a learning aid for all subject areas. 

Areas covered include: 

* Importing artwork, or creating original art for use in games. 
* Writing scripts to add interactivity and gameplay. 
* Creating particle effects. 
* Incorporating tilt and touch input methods. 
* Adding sound effects and music. 
* Using Apple's Xcode to deploy games onto the target platforms. 
* Hardware, software and financial requirements for Torque game development in the classroom. 

For more information and to book: http://vitta.org.au/events/event/learn-to-create-games-for-the-ipod-touch-iphone-and-ipad 
If you have any questions email Jo at pd at vitta.org.au 
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