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Sat Jun 19 09:20:25 EST 2010

Hi Everyone (and apologies for any cross posts), 
Isn't it great that holidays are coming up, and that Kevork is running
another Actionscript course. 
I did this course last year, and it was excellent. I recommend it to anyone
who wants to extend the
fun they can have in Flash. 
But we are not here to talk about Flash, but about it's companion
application Adobe Fireworks.  
If you have Fireworks at your school, as part of an Adobe Suite, then you
might find it to be an 
excellent app to use with Year 7 and 8 students, as a gentle lead in to
Photoshop and Illustrator at 
middle and senior school. 
I have also found it great to do before doing Flash, because students can
then make 
wonderful images in Fireworks, and subsequently import them to use in their
Flash projects. 
(And through FW they have also learnt the basics of the Adobe style
interface, and the main new thing 
to grapple with in Flash is just the Timeline). 
Here are some ideas and ready to use resources on how to use Fireworks for
Drawing and Painting:  

Fireworks is also great for introducing the concept of using "Layers" 

and Fireworks can be used for basic Web Page Design: 
Paul Pascoe (aka "Passy") 
St Francis Xavier College 
(Berwick Campus) 
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