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Hi Robert,
Just to explain Top Designs a little - each year, there are varied
submissions of folios, just as the work varies from year to year. 
On display in 2009, were a couple of amazing visual diaries. However, it is
not compulsory for students to submit these with their entry. They are
encouraged to do so, once shortlisted. Examples are included in the exhibit,
if the judges feel they are exemplary or include useful examples for
students and teachers...however, the main focus is the finished product.
Other subjects may have different criteria?
In the teacher PD offered by the Museum, the judges document their
presentation with examples of visual diaries from successful applicants,
even if the diary is not actually displayed in the exhibit. This year, we
did not do this, because of the nature of the entries.

Regardless of what is exhibited at Top Designs, I would heartily agree with
Michelle that is essential to document the design process using a visual
diary/folio. Some students do it electronically, but I make them print out
and put into their diary. Year 11 is the time to train the kids to document
their design process, rather than simply jumping on the computer and
creating something from scratch. 
Following on advice (can't remember who!), I decided this year to make
visual diaries A4 size because the big A3 folios were a bit daunting for
some kids. I have found it was a very successful move.

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Hi everyone,

With Units 1 & 2 IDM (the Cert III in media course), is it worth getting
students to build some sort of portfolio as they do in other Art based

What is the expectation in Units 3 & 4 with regards to the folio?

When we went to top designs with the students to have a look this year,
there was very little visual diary work from the IDM students - they
seemed to have focussed more on their IT / design skills via their
computer work.


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