[vet-mm] Elluminate

crb rcmhome at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jun 4 10:14:19 EST 2010

Sorry Malcolm,
The first session is 6-7 and I know it's not a great time. (maybe you could
do a MasterChef for us and we could see how the boys judge your dinner  ;-)

Hopefully we can get a bit of a consensus and come up with something that
suits most people for ongoing sessions.
Straight after school seems popular with other sessions, but most of the
pixelEd committee have staff meetings most days!!
If people can't make it this Tuesday, but are interested, please drop me an
email with preferred times and I will try to factor these in for future

Perhaps after canvassing the main preferences I could run a survey and go
with the majority preference.

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