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Please excuse the cross posts. 

Copyright seems to be flavour of the month, and rightly so - it definitely
impacts on all aspects of our teaching - what we teach our students and how
we resource our teaching programs.

Copyright raises many issues and questions, this session is a great chance
to ask the experts. 


Tuesday August 3rd from 6-7, I will be moderating an Elluminate web
conference on Copyright. The focus will be on VET IDM course requirements,
but should be of interest to all teachers.

In order to join this free PD session, you should firstly check that you can
access Elluminate. Some teachers have experienced technical issues in the
past-1) with school/system proxy servers, ports and so forth 2) using a Mac
3) not having right version of Java on the computer

However, I am assured that these problems (should you experience them) can
be overcome? Let me know if you have problems and I will try and refer you
to appropriate help.


So go to:
upport.htm Try out the test connection to see if you can get Elluminate.

You need headphones and mic. Once you are in Elluminate, you can test these
are working OK by Going to Tools > Audio >Audio Set Up Wizard


In order to book for the Copyright session, go to
http://guidetoinnovation.ning.com/events/tweeking-pixels-copyright and RSVP.

Then follow the link given to join the session at around 5.45 on Tuesday. I
will post the session link on Tuesday as a reminder.

Details of the session are outlined at this page.


Online presentation with copyright experts - Delia Browne, National
Copyright Director for the National Copyright Unit. NCU is a specialist
copyright team responsible for copyright policy and administration for
Australian schools and TAFE. Delia will be supported by Shirley Thompson,
Local Copyright Manager with the DEECD.


Claire Bloom

Warrandyte High

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