[vet-mm] Screen Capture Software for making Student VodCasts OSX

Geraldine McKenna g.mckenna at optusnet.com.au
Sat Jul 17 20:43:25 EST 2010

I used a program last year called Jing - needed to pay about $30 for 12
month subscription. I used to grab video footage but could be used for your
purposes I think Stuart. Am currently using something called Screen Mimic
which seems pretty good too.
Geraldine McKenna
Avila College

On 17/07/10 7:08 PM, "Stuart James Bush" <subscriptions at sjbsolutions.com.au>

> Hi all, (especially those Mac users)
> I'm looking at suitable, flexible and affordable screen capture
> software for Mac OSX. Some of my students are behind the 8 ball and
> need to get extra help. I want to do about half a dozen VodCast Tutes
> on certain areas of Web-Design and Animation to help them out. Has
> anyone used anything they have found very useful yet (and
> affordable :)  )
> Regards
> Stu.
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