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Hi Jeanean and other listers,
Just a follow-up to Jeanean's points about the Cert II and III courses offered by the Distance Education Centre of Victoria. Since she posted here, I've had a couple of calls asking about the delivery of our program; it's been really nice to chat to some other trainers that I've previously only seen from afar during the excellent PDs run by Pixel Ed.
At the DECV, we offer two programs in IDM - a stand-alone Cert II completed in one year, and a Cert III completed in two years. The units we offer have been approved by VCAA (3/2/09), by IBSA (19/2/09) and have withstood an audit since then. We can do this, as Allan pointed out, by offering a number of overlapping units (see below). We can allow a student to join us in the second year, but only if they understand that, because of the range of units offered by other institutions, they will probably not receive a Certificate III in Media although they will still be eligible for two units of VCE (Units 3 and 4) and a study score.
We run these two courses fully Online, as problem-based 'scenarios', with units packaged into 'missions' that the student has to complete if they want to become a member of what we call the 'Digital Underground', an underground Arts movement. The scenario is a lot of fun, I'm told, and has proved successful with mainstream students and the more specialised students that we cater to, such as those with Asperger's Syndrome. One of the initial concerns raised by VCAA was that it would be very hard for the DECV to adequately assess a unit of competency such as 'Work effectively with others'; this is addressed through Online discussions and group work in year 1, and by more experienced students supporting 'new recruits' in year 2.
In relation to the amount of student-teacher contact at the DECV, I am available between 9am and 4pm five days a week, and talk to my students over the phone, by email, via Online discussions and chats. Students can also visit the DECV whenever they like, and have participated in seminars and student 'round tables' in 2010. I really encourage IDM students to become active members of the DECV school community. The fact that students sometimes experience a sense of isolation is a challenge for all distance education courses worldwide, but one that I believe we're responding to through the use of new technologies and philosophies that bridge the gap between students, creating a greater sense of trust and 'connectedness'.
I welcome calls from anybody who has further questions about either of these courses. Please use my direct number below.
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Completion of 8 Units of Competence (4 core units + 2 specialist units + 2 elective units)
CORE UNITS (75 hours)
BSBCRT101A                  Apply critical thinking techniques                                                                                   20
CUFIND201A                  Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge                                                     20
BSBOHS201A                  Participate in OHS processes                                                                                          20
BSBWOR203A                Work effectively with others                                                                                           15
CUFDIG201A                   Maintain interactive content                                                                                           30
CUFRES201A                   Collect and organize content for broadcast or publication                                            20
BSBCRT301A                   Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills                                                40
BSBDES201A                   Follow a design process                                                                                                 40
Total: 205 hours (of potential 133 - 320)

Completion of 12 Units of Competence (3 core units + 8 elective units + 1 extra unit)
BSBCRT301A                   Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills (covered)                               40
CUFIND301A                   Work effectively in the screen and media industries                                                     20
BSBOHS201A                  Participate in OHS processes (covered)                                                                          20
CUFDIG303A                   Produce and prepare photo images                                                                                20
ELECTIVE UNITS (40 hours) - (At least 2 must be selected, for a minimum of 80 hours)
CUFDIG201A                   Maintain interactive content (covered)                                                                          30
CUFRES201A                   Collect and organize content for broadcast or publication (covered)                            20
BSBDES201A                   Follow a design process (covered)                                                                                 40
VCE VET Units 3 and 4 (225 hours)
CUFANM301A                Create 2D digital animations                                                                                           35
CUFWRT301A                 Write content for a range of media                                                                                 40
BSBDES302A                   Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms                                          50
CUFDIG302A                   Author interactive sequences                                                                                         40
CUFDIG301A                   Prepare video assets                                                                                                       30
CUFDIG304A                   Create visual design components                                                                                   30
Total: 265 + 205 hours = 470 hours (405 recommended by VCAA)
Luke Jackson
Acting Learning Programs Leading Teacher
RTO Training and Development Coordinator
Teacher / Trainer, Media / IDM
Distance Education Centre Victoria
ph: 8480 0197
ljackson at distance.vic.edu.au<mailto:ljackson at distance.vic.edu.au>

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Hi all,

In the last few weeks we have had a little bit of trouble with a student who wanted to take IDM and another subject that was blocked on at the same time. We investigated the Distance Ed IDM course as a possible solution. I was amazed to find that they offer Cert III in only one year (at a year twelve level - units 3/4).
I did ring and leave a message for Distance Ed to phone me back, but they did not. We have since resolved the situation for our student, but it left me wondering about the Distance Ed course.

On further investigation of their Cert III on their web page, I saw that they only study eight units rather than the eleven stipulated in the training package. It seems that they must make up the missing units by ensuring that their students study Cert II Creative Industries in year eleven. Perhaps they take overlapping units. This detail wasn't available on the web site. I asked my VCE co-ordinator if this would meet VCAA requirements but he said he wasn't sure and it sounded tricky.

We study Cert III over two years (yr 11 and 12) at Highview. We also offer Creative Industries at a year ten level. This coming year, the creative industries course was not a popular selection and as such, it will not be offered during 2011.

I wonder how do you all run your courses? If Distance Ed can do a cert II and a cert III in only two years, perhaps this might be possible for us? This is the question that our VCE co-ordinator has now asked me. Having checked out the hours requirement, I would be extremely reluctant to do it this way. I do not even know how Distance Ed possibly manages to meet these requirements at all. I usually do not recommend students take Distance Ed subjects because I generally find they have a limited success by the very nature of having limited contact with their Distance Ed teachers.

I would be very interested in your feedback please.


Jeanean Pritchard
Media, Music & Arts
Highview Christian Community College
Maryborough Victoria
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au


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