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No sorry Glenn, I wish we knew more. I think they can expect something in
the prac but if the examiners follow the training package - the only time
CSS is actually mentioned is in relation to formatting text. If anyone can
find other references, please let me know.


I was actually telling people at tonight's session that this year we don't
plan to run our usual student exam revision lecture because we prefer to
wait and see what the new exam is like and go from there. Of course, many
things should stay the same and the general principles apply, but we felt
there would be lots of questions, such as your class has, and that we
couldn't really answer them with any certainty.


I think your kids have every right to feel nervous, teachers definitely
should. Last training package was vague and very non specific in some
aspects. The new one is just choc full of required knowledge and skills. Has
anyone actually been able to produce a comprehensive glossary of terms in
the 6 units-a huge job! Yet any one of them could be used as the basis for a
question. And whilst we train the students in the competencies in all their
glory - there's a big difference between that and preparing to be assessed
in an exam situation.


PixelEd is producing a sample exam, which people can adapt/modify to suit
their expectations and teaching. The committee has no insider knowledge, we
just pooled our thoughts, based on the VCAA advice that is available and
came up with a resource that may help teachers.

We will post details to the list very (very) soon.



PS sorry about session time - it's hard to find something that suits
everyone. I'm really restricted by my meetings and other commitments. Will
try and look and other times next term.


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Thanks for all your efforts Claire. I was unable to participate - got home
at 6.50 after staff meeting and travel time. Appreciate the links and will
follow up.

Any news/details on the exam. My class want to know how much CSS they need
to know and will it be part of the prac? etc. etc. Nervous or curious? I am
not sure. The latter most likely.


Glenn Drew

Wangaratta High

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight's Elluminate with Brett from acmi was really useful, and I would
recommend you check out their new online resource at



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