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Hi Guys,

I just sent Alan Barnes an email to ask if he has an updated version of his multimedia books for the new media course and he is out of his office until the 27th of Sept. Does anyone know if this is the case?

John Edwards

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Hey Anna,

I covered it when we did character design before making flash animations.  The other guy teaching VET IDM here covered it when he did Dreamweaver by giving the students random elements they had to include in their website, like a colour, a design element (like 'organic line', or 'small square') and a random object they had to sell. All the objects were not cool, like cailing fans and manilla folders.  The students had to do lots of brainstorming and designing which covered the critical and creative thinking.

I would be giving the kids a few random things they have to include in the video, or in the story so they can do the thinking stuff about how to overcome the problem of including the given things.



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Subject: [vet-mm] Has any one got any good ideas for critical and creativethinking?

I'm at a big fat loss.
I was thinking of something Vis com, but properly need to do something with video assets, to introduce it before next year.
Any Ideas?

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