[vet-mm] Flash AS3.0 Matching Objects Game

mppascoe at tpg.com.au mppascoe at tpg.com.au
Sat Oct 24 06:39:55 EST 2009

Hi everyone, 


If you would like to see and learn how to make a matching game in Flash,
where we drag and drop to match different objects onto each other, then
check out my blog post at:  http://tinyurl.com/FLmatchShapes  .  


(Make sure you have your speakers turned on to hear the sound effects).


There are two example games, and downloadable FLA source files, AS3 Code,



Paul Pascoe 

ICT / Maths Teacher 

St Francis Xavier College Berwick 


mppascoe at tpg.com.au 


http://passyworldofict.blogspot.com <http://passyworldofict.blogspot.com/>  




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