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Hi Guys,

I was wondering whether anyone had a simple definition of active and passive voice and some example since it is an area both myself and my students struggle with.

Many Thanks,

John Edwards

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Subject: [vet-mm] Building Free Websites with Weebly

Hi everyone,

If you need something for later in 4th term to keep some Junior students busy at the end of year, or maybe as an orientation activity for older students, then having them build a free website with "Weebly" might be a good activity.

Weebly takes away the HTML, CSS, Flash, and other technical aspects of website building,  and lets them get on with designing, laying out and creating a simple site.
(Kind of like beginner swimming lessons, instead of being thrown in at the deep end).

If you want to find out more, then see my blog post here:

There is also another good free builder called "WIx".
For info see: http://tinyurl.com/passywix

If anyone knows of other good free website builders, then please let me know.

Paul Pascoe
ICT / Maths Teacher
St Francis Xavier College Berwick
mppascoe at tpg.com.au<mailto:mppascoe at tpg.com.au>

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