[vet-mm] Solution to booking PT interviews

Litsa Tzelepis htzelepis at msj.melb.catholic.edu.au
Wed May 6 21:28:30 EST 2009

hi Tim,
we had them last week and used a program called PTO:

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Overall, they went pretty well. Parents signed up after they received their
child's interim report.
We had a drop down indicating whether or not we "recommended" or "required"
to see their child, which meant the staff had heaps of interviews. In the
past we've had a "not required" option which was really for the students
whose interim report was self-explanatory, but the parents were still
welcome to come to PTI's.

If you want to ask anything specific, just email. hope it helps,
Good luck, Litsa.

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> Hi folks,
> Can anyone recommend a good online solution to help manage parent teacher
> interview bookings?
> Ta
> Tim Kitchen
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